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When I go to Inter, they were dreaming of the Champions League for 50 years. When I go to Real Madrid they were desperate to stop Barcelonas dominance. When I got to Chelsea for the first time, the club was dreaming about the first title under the new owner. The second time the club was in an empty period of Premier League titles and then I came here with a difficult period of three years, where the FA Cup was great but the fact that in the past three years we couldnt qualify twice for the Champions League. Soclear objectives are in my hands. View photos On Manchester Uniteds objective this season: Man United has to be in the Champions League. I think that the Champions League is empty when Man United is not there. Imagine the Champions League without Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona. There are a certain numbers of clubs that make it not a Champions League without these clubs. Thats Man United and their natural habitat. medical interview noteslook at these guysI wouldnt be happy with just finishing in the top 4.

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